New California Employment Law Requires Mandatory Anti-Bullying Training

California employers with 50 or more employees are legally required by Government Code Section 12950.1 to provide at least two hours of interactive training and education regarding the prevention of sexual harassment to all supervisory employees within six months of their assumption of a supervisory position, and once every two years thereafter. A new law that takes effect January 1, 2015 now requires such employers

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Sexual Harassment Claims Against Former Mayor Bob Filner Settle for $250,000

The L.A. Times has reported that city officials announced yesterday the approval of a $250,000 settlement of sexual harassment claims brought by Irene McCormack Jackson against former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.  According to the Times, Jackson alleged in the lawsuit that Filner had made “unwanted physical advances and lewd comments and once told her that she would do better if she came to work

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Sexual Harassment at Work Remains Alive, Well, and Expensive: Court Affirms $830,000 Award to Plaintiff in Same-Sex Harassment Case

We no longer live in a Mad Men era, but sexual harassment in the workplace remains very much alive and well–and, based on recent jury verdicts, expensive.  (See here [“California Appellate Court Approves Nearly $2.25 Million Jury Verdict in Sexual Harassment Case”] and here [“Stunning $167 Million Verdict to Plaintiff Alleging Sexual Harassment and Retaliation by Her Employer”] for some of our blog posts on this topic.) In the latest case, Taylor

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New California Law Confirms That “Sexual Desire” is Not an Element of a Sexual Harassment Claim

Governor Brown on Monday signed into law a new bill stating that the plaintiff in a sexual harassment lawsuit need not prove that the sexually harassing conduct was “motivated by sexual desire.” The law, Senate Bill 292, is a reaction to Kelley v. Conco Companies, 196 Cal. App. 4th 191 (2011), in which the plaintiff, an apprentice ironworker, sued Conco, one of the largest concrete construction companies

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Employees Can Be Fired for Being Too Sexy, says the Iowa Supreme Court

Although this blog’s focus is on California law, we could not pass up writing about this outrageous and terrible decision coming out of Iowa’s Supreme Court, which held in a 7-0 opinion that bosses in Iowa can fire female employees they find to be “irresistible” attractions. In this case, a dental assistant sued the dentist for whom she worked after he fired her because he

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California Appellate Court Approves Nearly $2.25 Million Jury Verdict in Sexual Harassment Case

In an unpublished opinion, Moran v. Qwest Communs. Int’l, 2012 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 6269 (Aug. 27, 2012), the California Court of Appeal approved a nearly $2.25 million jury verdict in favor of the plaintiff, finding the defendants—plaintiff’s employer, Qwest Corporation, and plaintiff’s supervisor, Dennis Sherwood—liable for sexual harassment and finding defendant Qwest liable for failure to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment and for terminating

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